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5 Ways a Ticket Attorney Can Help

JBABB Law - Traffic Tickets

Have you been issued a traffic ticket, Class C citation, or parking ticket in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? Did you know that you could have avoided paying altogether with the help with a ticket attorney? Many people automatically plead guilty to pay the ticket fine after receiving it.

What is bail? What is bond? Different kinds of bonds? What?

JBABB Law - Bail Bond

The words “bail” and “bond” are often seen together and near each other, yet there is a lot of confusion about which one is which, how they relate to each other, and what variations there are of each one. The best consumer is an educated consumer, so here’s to hoping this helps clear up some confusion.

Your criminal record in the modern age

JBABB Law - Criminal Defense Attorney

Once upon a time, a criminal record was a straightforward endeavor. It was a physical piece of paper held in your municipality that listed convictions during your adult life, and could be transferred via fax or by mail. Employers had to make a formal request to take a peek at it, and that could only happen with your explicit permission.

New Office Locations. An Expanded Reach.

JBABB Law - Criminal Defense Attorney

It doesn’t matter how affordable, knowledgeable, or reliable you are as law firm you if you can’t reach those that need you. Think of it this way, it doesn’t matter how great your voice is if no one can hear you sing. In that vein, we at JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys felt the need to expand our reach and increase our presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We’d like to take this time to announce the opening of our new locations in Fort Worth and Denton.

What you need in a legal blog.

JBABB Law - Criminal Defense Attorney

We live in a time where every person and every business has a blog they want you to read. It would be physically impossible for you to read all of the literature out there, even if you treated it as a full time job. However, I firmly believe that one of the most beneficial blogs a person can subscribe to is a good legal blog.

Being Arrested in the Facebook Era

JBABB Law - Jail Release

Potentially the most life-shaping thing associated with being arrested is dealing with it publicly after the proceedings have all been taken care of. If whatever arrest has occurred becomes part of your record, or if it has become widely known that you’ve been arrested, there is a certain amount of paria-esque treatment that must be endured. Unfortunately, it is rarely spoken about, as important as it is.

When your loved one has been arrested

JBABB Law - Bail Bond

There is a certain sense of helplessness and emergency when you get that phone call from your loved one at the police station following their arrest. You have about a million questions to ask them, and yet your time is cut short. You want to do everything you can to help and protect them, but they are separated from you.

A Social Media Warning

JBABB Law - Criminal Defense Attorney

Social media has taken over much of our life. Even this blog itself has social sharing links. While social media can be a wonderful thing, there are certain rules that must be abided by when using social media following an arrest. Ignoring them can have disastrous effects on the outcome of your trial. 

So, you've been arrested.

JBABB Law - Bail Bond

It’s easily one of the most stressful moments that you’ll encounter over the course of your life. Getting arrested, in spite of how unlikely it may sound, is a real possibility. The New York Times estimates that nearly a third of Americans will be arrested by the time they are 23, meaning that there is a huge chance that the cuffs will find your wrists at some point during your life. In spite of your heightened adrenaline levels, thinking clearly in the moment you find yourself in the back of a squad car is key.

What is a Capias Warrant?

JBABB Law - Warrants

As discussed in previous blogs, there are two types of warrants: alias and capias. This time around, we’ll focus on one of those two specifically. Capias warrants are the warrants you aren’t used to hearing about, but they can be even more serious than an alias warrant.