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A Social Media Warning

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Social media has taken over much of our life. Even this blog itself has social sharing links. While social media can be a wonderful thing, there are certain rules that must be abided by when using social media following an arrest. Ignoring them can have disastrous effects on the outcome of your trial. 

Social Media Warning

Recent studies show that social media use is one of the most time-consuming aspects of our online lives, ranking only behind steaming content, which is less hands-on than social media. We use social media as a medium to express ourselves and our emotions.

Sometimes this means sharing an uplifting quote, or posting sad song lyrics following an emotional day. Other times, however, this includes the occasional raging rant. This is especially true following a run-in with the law.

The most important thing to remember following an arrest is to KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. That’s not to say other people won’t be interested in the story of your arrest. I’m absolutely sure that there are some crazy tales that go along with an arrest.

What I am saying is that anything you say or do can be held against you in court, and it is very common for prosecutors to mine a person’s social media for information to help them with prosecuting the case. 

This includes the things you say online.

Every single word of that anger-fueled Facebook status can come up in court. That tweet you posted as soon as you got home can be as incriminating as any other piece of evidence. A great many people use social media as a tool to put their thoughts (sometimes their every thought) out there for the world to see.

The side-effect of this is that those thoughts are no longer in your head; they are posted and are forever out there. As a general rule, always assume if you put something on the internet, it’s there forever. No matter what.

The best rule of thumb I can give you, as far as social media posting following an arrest is concerned, is as follows: if you wouldn’t say it in court, don’t say it on the web. No exceptions. If you’re saying anything on the internet, always run it through the filter of “what if this was brought up in court?” It may seem paranoid or tedious, but the most important thing to consider following an arrest is how best to protect your name. It’s all we have in this world, and any word you say has the potential to harm it.

There is essentially no way your case can be helped by social media, but there is an infinite amount of ways it could be hurt or crippled. Always seek adept legal defense, such as the defense lawyers of JBabb - Criminal Defense Attorneys, following an arrest.

We can counsel you legally and also provide helpful advice for best social practices when your name is in jeopardy. As always, feel free to contact us for your free consultation.