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Being Arrested in the Facebook Era

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Potentially the most life-shaping thing associated with being arrested is dealing with it publicly after the proceedings have all been taken care of. If whatever arrest has occurred becomes part of your record, or if it has become widely known that you’ve been arrested, there is a certain amount of paria-esque treatment that must be endured. Unfortunately, it is rarely spoken about, as important as it is.

being arrested in the facebook era

The best, most overarching advice that could be given is to simply be yourself. Chances are, the people that truly care and know you will not treat you any differently, and will not think differently of you following your experience with the law.

By the numbers, around a third of Americans will be arrested at least once before they turn 23. Past this, the number is near 40% for men being arrested in their life in general, and above half for African-American men. All this to say, you’re not the first person to be arrested, and you’re certainly not the last. I don’t say this to be pessimistic, I say it do create a sense of normalcy. Being accused of breaking the law doesn’t make you a bad person, and you should not consider yourself a bad person following your arrest.

According to numerous publications, including Business Insider and the Washington Post, nearly everyone breaks the law every day. Connecting to unsecured Wifi, singing Happy Birthday or other copyrighted songs publicly, playing poker for money, speeding, or sharing medications are all against the law in nearly every state, yet many people do them on a daily basis. What is meant by this is that a broken law does not a broken person make. It sounds Shakespearian, but it holds true.

Another difficult social aspect of life post-arrest is interacting with friends who are continuing the behavior for which you were arrested. For instance, let’s say you were arrested for marijuana possession, but many of your friends continue to smoke marijuana after your court proceedings and any jail time is finished. The best defense in this situation is your own personal discretion. The only person who can protect you is yourself, and as hard as it may be, the best course of action in these situations is likely to avoid these people altogether. Though not easily done, responsibility is the only way a person can protect themself.

A last point to stress is the presence of services that can be contacted post-arrest who can ease the transition back into your life. There are thousands of therapists nationwide who specialize in issues such as this, and should be contacted should the need arise.

If you’re not quite at this point yet and are still in need of legal counsel, feel free to contact the bail bond lawyers of JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas. We can take you all the way through the court process, and provide adept legal representation to you or your loved one. Visit our Jailbug website for more details.