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JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys offer full service legal representation for those affected by Texas law enforcement or the Texas criminal court system.

New Office Locations. An Expanded Reach.

JBABB Law - Criminal Defense Attorney

It doesn’t matter how affordable, knowledgeable, or reliable you are as law firm you if you can’t reach those that need you. Think of it this way, it doesn’t matter how great your voice is if no one can hear you sing. In that vein, we at JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys felt the need to expand our reach and increase our presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We’d like to take this time to announce the opening of our new locations in Fort Worth and Denton.

This triad of locations will dramatically expand our sphere of influence, and make it more convenient for people across North Texas to receive the legal service they need. Our Dallas location will serve as the hub of JBABB Law, but each location will have all the capabilities needed to be a fully-functioning law office. All this to say, no matter what location is nearest you, the service you receiving will be nothing less than excellent. In addition, we use the latest apps, technology, and cloud storage systems in order to insure that your legal files and information are secure and usable at every JBABB Law location. In the near future, we’ll talk in more specific terms about the technology we use, and how it sets us apart.

So, why Fort Worth and Denton?

We’ll start with Fort Worth. Well, when you consider the DFW Metroplex, 2/3rds of that acronym is Fort Worth. Cowtown is the second largest city in North Texas, and its suburbs are growing at a rate matched by very few areas in the nation. Combined with the fact that our Dallas office receives numerous clients from the Ft. Worth area, it only made sense to launch a JBABB office there. We’re asserting ourselves as THE criminal defense law firm in Tarrant County. Our dedicated Fort Worth lawyers are set to be fixtures of Tarrant County courtrooms, and are ready to set you down the path to a cleared name. You can hang your hat on that. 

Let’s talk about Denton. This hip college town in the northern portion of the Metroplex is home to thousands of college students in need of legal counsel, and has a population estimated to be in the area of 125,000 people. Due to its location, it would be an equally distant and time consuming drive down 35E or 35W to our Ft. Worth or Dallas offices, so we made the decision to place an office in the 4th largest county in North Texas. Conveniently located just down the road from the city square, right next to the courthouse, this office is suited to serve the needs of all those around Denton County. Being the college town that it is, JBABB Denton makes it a priority to protect the name and record of the next generation of Texans. We look forward to developing lasting relationships in this very unique city.

With our new offices, coupled with the existing Dallas office, we are suited to serve to millions that live in and around the DFW area. We will build lasting relationships, and protect the names and records of those who need assistance with tickets, warrants, misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs/DWIs, and jail releases. 

Address of JBABB Law Offices:

  • Dallas 2036 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201
  • Fort Worth 521 North Riverside Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76111
  • Denton 1512 East McKinney St. Suite #200, Denton, TX 76209