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JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys offer full service legal representation for those affected by Texas law enforcement or the Texas criminal court system.

Being Arrested in the Facebook Era

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Potentially the most life-shaping thing associated with being arrested is dealing with it publicly after the proceedings have all been taken care of. If whatever arrest has occurred becomes part of your record, or if it has become widely known that you’ve been arrested, there is a certain amount of paria-esque treatment that must be endured. Unfortunately, it is rarely spoken about, as important as it is.

What you need in a defense attorney

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There are thousands of defense attorneys in North Texas alone. The market is absolutely saturated with lawyers of varying experience, acclaim, and talent. When we need work done on our car, or we are looking for a new doctor for our family, we read blogs and reviews and spend a tremendous amount of time making the most educated decision we possibly can.

Credentials to Look for in a Jail Release Attorney

JBABB Law - Jail Release

When you’re in jail, you need someone you can count on for help – someone with expertise, experience and knowledge who can get you out from behind bars quickly and efficiently.

The Ultimate Guide to Jail Release

JBABB Law - Jail Release

Getting arrested and put in jail can be extremely overwhelming – especially if it’s your first time behind bars. The arrest, booking, bonding and jail release procedures are confusing, and if you’re not clear on what to do or how to proceed, you could end up staying in lockup longer than you really need to.

5 Misconceptions About Dallas Jail Release

JBABB Law - Jail Release

For most people, the only knowledge they have of jail and the legal system comes from the media – things like procedural crime shows, movies, the news and more. So when first-time offenders find themselves arrested and in need of Dallas jail release, they often struggle with what to expect of the whole process.

Signs You Need a Dallas Criminal Attorney

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There’s no doubt about it: a Dallas criminal attorney can be a huge help when you’re facing charges. But when exactly do you need one? Should you call them any time you get pulled over? Or should you only contact them if you’re facing serious charges – like a violent misdemeanor or felony?

In truth, a Dallas criminal attorney can be of service in any of these situations – and more. Typically, you should always contact one if:

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

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When you’ve been put in jail after an arrest or while you await trial, the judge will typically set what’s called “bail.” Bail is the amount of money you have to put up in order to be released from jail temporarily, and it helps ensure that you will show up for trial and not flee your charges.

Need a Denton Criminal Defense Attorney?

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Most people know an attorney is necessary if they are facing a serious charge like assault, murder or some other felony. Few, however, seem to know the true scope of what an attorney can do.

Call a Jail Release Attorney

JBABB Law - Bail Bond - Jail Release

When you’re in trouble with the law, a jail release attorney can be your biggest ally. They’ll be there to bail you out, to fight for your rights and to ensure you don’t get caught up in the legal system once again.