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What Tarrant County Tickets will Cost You

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In recent weeks, we’ve covered the costs of tickets and citations in Denton County, Collin County and Dallas. Today, it’s time to move south, and tackle the fees and fines of Tarrant County.

4 Easy Steps When You Get a Ticket in Dallas

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When most people get Dallas tickets, they simply take it home, sign it, plead guilty and send in a check for the appropriate fees and fines. They never even give it a second thought.

Denton Tickets: What They'll Cost You

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So far, we’ve discussed ticket prices and court fees for both Collin County and Dallas County. Today, we’re heading Northwest, and discussing Denton tickets instead.

Collin County Tickets: How Much They'll Cost You

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We’ve already talked about Dallas tickets - how much they’ll cost you if convicted and how the fines and fees break down – but now it’s time to move further north, to Collin County. Collin County tickets can actually run you quite a bit higher than those in Dallas – even for just a simple speeding citation!

The Cost Breakdown of Dallas Traffic Tickets

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Tickets in Dallas County aren’t cheap. In fact, depending on the citation, Dallas tickets can run you nearly $500 – just for one charge! Whether it’s a simple speeding violation, you ran a red light or you’re caught driving without a license, it doesn’t matter; you can expect high fines regardless of the charge if you’re in Dallas.

Fighting Dallas Tickets

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Nothing is more frustrating than getting a traffic ticket. It costs you hundreds of dollars, it puts points on your driving record and it just plain ruins your day, right? Well, what if we told you there’s a chance you don’t have to pay them anymore? That you can avoid those penalties and fines, and get out of your Dallas tickets easily?