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What you need in a legal blog.

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We live in a time where every person and every business has a blog they want you to read. It would be physically impossible for you to read all of the literature out there, even if you treated it as a full time job. However, I firmly believe that one of the most beneficial blogs a person can subscribe to is a good legal blog.

what you need in a legal blog

It takes multiple years of difficult schooling to master law. For the average person, there is always going to be a lot they don’t know, no matter how many episodes of Law & Order they watch. This is where a legal blog comes in. Ideally, the function of these blogs is to convert the information attorneys know for a living into something that is brief and digestible for the average person. That said, not all legal blogs are created equally. 

Most legal blogs are a mix of practical legal knowledge and opinion pieces about the latest happenings in the world of law. It’s my belief that your choice legal blog should be about 75% informative and 25% opinion. It seems to me that it’s an ethical gray area to constantly share your legal opinion on current events without informing the reading public as to what the laws mean on a technical level. That’s akin to a government teacher telling their students what to think and precisely who to vote for, without explaining how voting works or what the electoral college is. This is the first rule of legal blogs. Choose information over opinion. 

Next, many lawyers have the distinct problem of writing blogs as if they are legal documents. While the information being discussed is of a legal nature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a blog has to read that way. The idea of a blog is that of casual discussion. The goal of this blog in particular is to spread useful information in a way that is enjoyable and digestible. A good legal blog shouldn’t offer a substitute for law school. It should offer a substitute for a casual discussion with a lawyer. 

Lastly, always read from someone you trust. If you wouldn’t do business with a lawyer, don’t indulge their blog. Some of the most entertaining content can be written by a less than reputable source. The metaphor to use here is that no matter how charismatic they might be, you shouldn’t take culinary advice from a fry cook. Similarly, you will be better off reading from a slightly less entertaining expert than a very entertaining novice. The legal blog experience is about striking a balance between correct information delivered in an entertaining way without being too technical, but also without only offering opinions.

All in all, the choice of blog you read is totally your own. It’s just my strong urging that you choose a blog that has entertainment value with real meat to the writing, a blog that is more fact than opinion, and a blog written by a lawyer that knows you’re not one without talking down to you. It’s my firm belief that you will find that here with the JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys blog, and if you agree you can feel free to subscribe for updates.